Monday, November 7, 2011

Rats Come From Germany

Rats come from Germany.
I've done a quick google search to determine Rats, in fact, DO NOT come from germany. Surprise, surprise; because who ever thought they came from Germany anyway? sheepishly I say "i did."  Whether it was by someone explicitly telling me rats come from germany, or a small child's conclusion from a simple statement that Ship Rats invaded America (which according to my google search Ship Rats are actually an invasive species) that lead me to believe this statement, we'll never really know the source. But I'm here to tell you that after twenty-one years of breathing, experiencing, and learning life around me, until my epiphany that happened in the shower ( as so many of them do) that Rats come from Germany. 

This misinformed statement is easily corrected. In the reality of my life, it's rather unimportant for me to know that Rats do not come to Germany. But what does matter is that it's something I believed without realizing that I believed it. Even more so, it's something that I have cited on more than one occasion in my life. I don't think I've ever explicitly told another human being that I think Rats come from Germany but I do know that I've related other information about invasive species to this one basic thought that rats come from germany. 

If you haven't laughed yet. Pause to realize how absurd this is; moving on... 

What are you believing that is as equally a fabrication of your mind as my Rats come from Germany?  Not to be dramatic but "Rats come from Germany" is bogus. it's a lie. Something that I have been believing that is false. So maybe this particular instance has not really hindered my view of God. But other lies I have been believing are; and friends you need to hear that these are more dangerous than you realize. 

For a while now this is something that I have been learning from the Lord. He's been speaking the truth in place of the lie; the contradiction brings the lie to light. Typically I try to keep these things out of the ooey gooey messy innards; because there not always necessary. But I think tonight I need to share with you some: 

Without knowing; I have believed and lived from a place of poverty. I may be broke as a joke; but the word of God says that I am not poor. 

Without realizing it; I have believed that God is not to be trusted. He is trustworthy. 

without knowing it! I have feared that God will get angry with me if I say the wrong thing. He is slow to anger.  

I have believed that I am rightfully independent. I quote SoS, who is this coming out of the desert leaning on her beloved? ... wrongfully independent. Dependence isn't a bad thing. 

Pursue God, get to know his character. More & more of these absurd beliefs will be brought to the surface as you realize that they are contrary to the nature of the Lord. 

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