Monday, November 14, 2011

Fall is Here!

The colors stand out among themselves. Each tree is given it's own hue. A specific shade of a specific color. On it's own. It's stunning. But where it really stands out is when the most golden tree you've ever seen is contrasted by the most stunning red you've ever seen on a leaf. Your appreciation for the gold is just as strong as appreciation for the red. They're both trees. They're both completely beautiful. Yet they're different.

Campus is beautiful this time of year. I'm sitting in a window just amazed by creation. I really am. Finally starting to enjoy my fall. The colors of the trees all standing out among themselves. Fires. People don't look at you strangely for drinking coffee (i'm referring to getting a hot coffee during summer and the funny looks i got.) Pumpkin. Bundling up.

oh yeah and 3rd ten page paper of the semester; followed by another group 10pager; followed by an individual 15 pager; interspersed with smaller ones and a video project. BoomchickaBoom.

it's November! :)

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