Thursday, December 29, 2011


Warning: This post is going to sound so lame.

I noticed one of my friend's pictures on facebook was her with the backstreet boys. I clicked around and ended up on youtube watching videos from the 90s of bsb.

I gotta tell you when people say music, smells, and taste are some of the strongest memories you can have, I agree.

I can remember when I got all their cds. I remember throwing a tennis ball and arguing about the lyrics to songs from the "Backstreet Boys" album with my childhood best friend Kayla, (which Ironically is the name of my best friend from college years... how funny). I can remember watching pop up video to get all the random facts about BSB. And the televised concerts. Posters from Tiger Beat and J-14 Magazines.

I remember for years and years at summer camp backstreet boys was the number 1 topic among campers and staff. There were those lucky ones that had been to a concert or two.

Sophomore year of College all of my childhood dreams came true when I got to go to a concert for my friend's birthday. I remember when Everybody (Backstreet's Back) started up and we all turned to our little group and SCREAMED. ..we were all 20yrs old.

yep. Here's my post to admit to the blogiverse: BSB!

ha. For real though...

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