Sunday, July 15, 2012

Saying Love Weirdly.

Love. In churchy circles we hear this word - multiple times daily! Loooove, people say it funnily. Guilty, I make fun of people who linger on the word Love in their prayers. Not just a pause of reverence for what they're saying but the kind of linger that creates extra syllables in this monosyllabic word. Drawing it out. 
Today I realized, I do it too. (Gulp). The first step is admitting you have a problem. So I say the word Love weirdly. Not when I'm saying bye and I blurt "Love YA!" (as I often do without little regard to whom I'm saying this adage too) - I say it normally then. It's when I'm praying, or speaking of what God's done in my life, that's when the word comes out funny. Added syllables. Drawing it out. Lingering on the word as if to hope that by letting it rest a minute more on my lips an understanding would seep further into me. Many of you know that an understanding of the Lord's love is a big part of my life. That it's how the Lord called me to himself. If I know nothing of the Lord, I know he Loves. 
Yet in this recent time of semesters of reading and rereading the word without this dripping ooey gooey emotions on me and more seeking and pursuing a knowledge of the scriptures and a revelation of who God says that He is - realizing I linger on the word Love just encouraged me to see that I do know it. That I've not forgotten the Lord's love nor have have I become prideful in believing I understand all that I can of the Lord's love. (as I'm so prone to do.) 

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