Wednesday, May 27, 2009


So, dear those of you that don't know what this is. I introduce you to the concept of

 "Whirley Ball." This isn't us playing whirley ball but it'll do. So that was awesome.. I got a bruise. I'm really bad at it but managed to score one goal and I think everyone on both teams cheered for me.. ha ha! 


Today was a blessing. When I was home a lot things people said to me about my summer kind of took root without my realizing it. Jesus reassured me of my belonging and I trust He has me where He wants me this summer. Tonight after cell group - where we encountered and prayed through our shortcomings as the Church in America - a small group of us went t
o a place that I don't know what it was because I don't know where anything is in this place where everything looks exactly the same. Sorry a little bit of my frustrations with not knowing where I am seeped into that sentence... 

Anyway... A small group of us went to some place.. that closes at dusk. We got there at like 930 or something. We hiked to this place 2 guys were calling "peace rock," I never
saw a rock. But I did encounter Jesus. We worshipped up a hill and it was beautiful. Jesus was whispering to me what he thinks of me. What he has for me. My identity in Him.. Something I'd b
 encountering all day in all the intern stuff we did. It was good. As things started to wind down we thought we heard a voice but we're like.. neh.. 
TURNS OUT.. it was a cop looking for us. He saw our cars parked and tried to find us and had been calling out to us. As we kept talking to him, he said he had seen 5 or 6 coyotes on our trail. We had no idea. Thank You Jesus for Keeping Us Safe! 

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