Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Faces to the Names

So, Maddie posted this before I wanted to! 

This is my beautiful friend Naomi! All of those many weeks talking to her before coming to Kennesaw.. I'm happy to be here! She's always a source of encouragement.. every day! 

This is Ashley! I think she has some anger towards me... she is always hitting me in the face or something abusive like that. You know the friend that delivers the sarcasm right back to you! 

This is Austin & Melissa! Austin could quite possibly be the best dancer i've ever seen in my life! :) But really, when he worships & dances he doesn't care what anyone thinks! I love that about him! Melissa is way more energetic than she was when I first met her! I've had some really needed and important conversations with her! When I'm standing around not sure where I should be or who to talk to.. she brings me into a convo. :)

John, me, Matt. John is HILARIOUS! We crack jokes on each other a lot. Well I think I crack more jokes on him and he makes this scary face that I don't like and I stop. It works out. Sometimes for no real reason at all we just start laughing and won't stop. He also always seems to see or hear the dumb things I do and no one else sees them! & we're good kemps partners!! Matt Austin and his intimidation kick! LEGIT. We should make a video of that one day! i'll work on it. ha ha, people call him Dr. Austin cause he's ridiculously smart! If I ever have a question about anything in science I think I'll give him a call. (to my rh friends- I think he rivals matt baker) He's the only one that has played my 20 questions game so far. Thanks Matt! 

This is Kurt. He could be the most thoughtful person I've ever met. He builds the fires at bonfires and camping and such. Is a real pro pancake maker. Has a hammock and we're supposed to go hammocking (my computer's suggested spelling for this word is "ham-mocking" ha ha ha mocking a ham. that's great) but none of the other interns will go with us. Dumb. And we play this game.. where  i blow dart him. 


Chelsea said...

haha. You have NO IDEA how much that helped. OHHHH my gosh. I am going to keep that handy every single time we talk. And you look extremely beautiful in all of those pictures. Ah. I love you. That was just what I needed.

Hilary said...

Happy Birthday!