Friday, June 26, 2009

the Deep Book

So last night I cried because I didn't have a bathing suit in kennesaw, and i have about 5 at home. and one that is in the mail. Then I started laughing at how dumb that was. I managed to go all day long without crying! I'm wondering if this crying thing is going to stop by the time I get back to Richmond Hill/Athens? ha ha ha, I can imagine my crew of people eating together and I start crying and everyone panics like... WHAT DO WE DO! ha ha.
Well well well, i'm packed and ready to go to camp. We leave today. So.. Chelsea I hate to tell you that I won't be able to write you a bedtime story for a little while.
Yesterday I was in a reading mood. So I got out the stack of 10 books that either i'm supposed to be reading, I want to read, or I recently acquired from somewhere. I sat down and started going through them until I found the one I wanted to read today.. Deep Unto Deep by Dana Candler was the winner. I read all afternoon.
Awakening is a common word right now.. right before we head off to camp. It's the theme of camp. Daniel Bashta has a song. We talked about it on wednesday. I think everyone is prepared for that word... Dana Candler talks about being awakened.
"An awakened heart cannot remain in one place as though uninformed. It must give up everything to find the One Desire of its affections. We venture out into the wilderness as one betrothed in seacrch for our Beloved even as Rebekah left everything and set out on a journey in search of Issac(Gen 24). we know what lies ahead, but we have been awakened to the love of this man Jesus, and His desire for us has stirred us into pursuit. With expectant hearts, we give ourselves to the journey before us, knowing what the end is marriage, and that marriage unimaginable. "
on the other page my favorite is "Lovers always find what others give up searching for."
Well we gotta bounce. Head to the church. :)


Kristin said...

so....amelia might not be able to blog for the week...but you can still follow us at summer camp! go to: and the worship services each night will be on there live. Sunday starts at 7, Mon-Thurs start at 8:30. Daniel Bashta is leading Sun-Tues and Kim Walker, Wed and Thurs! We'll also have a's

Okay, I think that's it for now! :)

Chelsea said...

Aw yay, I'm glad Kristin left that comment because I was wondering where my Amelia stories have been. I am about to update my blog because I'm way overdue.
I love you and hope this week has been amazing for you.