Thursday, June 25, 2009

talking in circles.. can you understand it?

Well, I started about three different blogs before this one. The first one I was going to talk about government and explain where my blog title comes from... because I HIGHLY doubt any of you know it's reference. (if you do i'd be impressed) The second one was- "What can I say? We're tuesday people." The third one was the differences between the youth in richmond hill and the youth at riverstone. All of these are things on my mind right now... none of them are topics that I really want to blog about though.

I still don't know what I want to write. Riverstone Youth Summer Camp is coming up.. I leave TOMORROW. It's gonna be awesome!! I'm expectant of what the Lord is doing in these kids this summer. I have to go thrift store shopping today for costumes... apparently it's a big deal. I should probably check out the packing list.

So I've been reading a lot about not being timid. And having confidence. And boldness. I've not really been around groups of people that challenge me so much. I've always not needed the challenge, because I was dependent. I was desperately dependent on the Lord for basically everything. Those years seemed like the hardest years. Surrounded by dryness, opposition, and discouragement.. but the Lord used that to teach me how to feed myself. It's kind of hard to go from that to being fed. It's been a struggle all year. Anyway back to confidence. I don't have confidence in myself.. but then I learned. that doesn't matter. the Holy Spirit has confidence in who he's created me to be. Can I even wrap my head around that? He has confidence in who I am. It's like when you don't think you can do something- like act in a play. or talk to someone. or ace a final. You always have your best friends behind you saying.... you can do it. I have confidence in you. That inspires your confidence. It's awesome.

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