Saturday, July 4, 2009

camp, new friends, old friends, sunrise, & excuse me but your nerdy is showing.

Summer Camp is over. All day I've been trying to figure out what I'm going to talk about in my post summer camp blog -- there's a lot of stuff that happened that was INCREDIBLE. I want to tell you EVERYTHING... but then this blog would be about the size of psalms.. and that's just a little wordy for a blog if you know what i'm sayin. & If I wanted to put pictures up I'd need to steal them from other people's stuff... so this blog would be LOTS of words and not a lot of pictures. Let's see how it flows. We went to set up on friday&saturday but camp actually started on Sunday. Unlike most week long youth events.. where everything is just kind of cool all week but then on the last night everything explodes and is awesome, the first night of "Awakening" (name for summer camp) the ground shook. it was a HEFTY kick off. I get all the specific nights confused.. but the Lord had a plan for summer camp. He had strategy... NO DOUBT. Every night worship was BALLER. there was a complete feeling of freedom in the room. The first night came in with a bang (as expected because it was the first night) but there was a total release of freedom that normally is expected at the end of the week. Instead of summer camp building up to that night- where the goal is freedom- freedom was released initially because the goal went beyond freedom.I realize I'm just talking about worship services... we'll have a different blog for other stuff. 2nd night- WOW. There was a 3 hr long fire tunnel (prayer tunnel). Scott Thompson made a call for those who were willing to present their lives on the alter being fully committed. The entire camp responded. It was amazing. Monumental. Significant.

The following night was my favorite. Scott Thompson spoke about Intimacy with the Lord. About love. "Ooey Gooey cherry filled messy love" was how he described it. The fire tunnel was awesome. But nights like the 3rd night is what makes me captivated. I'm going to attempt to describe this to you.. but my words won't do it justice. There was time when Scott called for people to step out with no music and sing what's on their heart to the Lord. One girl began to sing, it was like the lone bird that sings in the dead of the night. By her courage and boldness, the entire room followed. Everyone sang what was on their heart, regardless of musical ability, sensible words, and music. That night I believe people were romanced by the Lord for the first time. That night leaders and youth alike scratched the surface of the raging desire the Lord has for them. His banner over the room... larger than the awakening sign.. was love. ;) if you only knew how my heart starts to beat when I talk about this. phew. I think this was the night that I stayed up till 4/5 stargazing.

The next night my friend &future roomie Ginger came. The fourth night was the last night.. that was good. I'm not even exactly sure what happened ... i know the Lord was there. so it was GOOD.

Outside of the night time worship services one of my favorite things was watching the sun rise in the morning while heading to the prayer room. Without that time by myself every morning.. I think I would have been a bit of a cranky pants. It'd be okay though.. cause God thinks i'm hott and likes my pants. :)

We also had this service called "Awakening" every day that targeted praying for the schools represented from Cobb county (+ those randoms from cali, fl, west africa, london? ) One day we had a sign for college... The small group of us from UGA paired off and pressed in for Athens..Natalie and; I paired off and went for it. I've prayed for athens, and uga before.. you can't go there with the spirit and not pray for Athens. but DANGG... i was wrecked for that place. There is definitely more to come from that relationship. We're thinking prayer walks on milledge. We also have the delight to hang with some younger girls that will be freshmen in the fall.... they're rad. I doubt they get this blog but if so... SARAH AND KATIE! YOU'RE BALLERS!

I love ya'll. It's the 4th of July.. to the rest of the world just a day. To americans it's our country's birthday. Boy oh boy has this country gone a long way from how it was first created. the founding brothers who would have been hanged for treason... those that were BOLD. Mailing a declaration of independence to the king with the offenses against them. Then from nothing creating one of the most intricate governmental systems EVER. What a hefty thing to remember on this day. AND looking at the corruption and party politics that is occurring. I think washington and jefferson would be heading to an island some where to create a new country again. Sorry I think one of my nerdy passions is beginning to ooze into this blog. yikes! Let's postpone that one. :)

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