Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sleepless Nights and Fingerpainting

I love to paint & draw. I never seem to do it during the day though. It's only during my nights... my nights are the times I've learned to take advantage of! The times when everyone else goes to sleep and I stay up and watch. I realized this year.. I don't want people to stay up forever with me. That'd be horrible. I would even pretend to go to sleep so that I could get up by myself and retreat to my room (or stairwell, rotunda, study room.. any place I can be alone). That time is SO good. I function of that. Those times alone are my sleep. I have full confidence that God multiplies my hours of rest I get, because he desires that time the most with me. Last night, around 2:30, I just felt like painting. I didn't want to use the brushes and stuff ... so I used my fingers. You should try it sometime. Get some paint.. and cheap canvas.. or you could just dabble on some paper.. i paint in my journal a lot. Just whatevs and paint. LET LOOSE on your canvas. There isn't a wrong final product. If you don't like it- paint white over it and start over. 


kurt said...

Is that picture you??

Stephanie G said...

So I am finally caught up!! I am so very sorry that I have not read these sooner, but like I told you internet has been down.... it's fixed though!!! Can I just say...

1. I love you, more than you know

2. I am very proud of how open you are being

3. Crying?! I am amazed .... no more making fun of people that cry ;)

4. You never sleep.... but i'm gald that the time you are awake is a time you take for your self growth and relationship with him

5. I miss you like crazy

6. Everytime I go to tybee I tell myself that I am going to bottle up some sand and water and send it to you .... and I usually do take time to bottle it up, but I never actually send it to you

7. I'm glad you called me.... it completly made my day .... you're usually really good at that any way

8. Keep listening .... he has always talked to you .... i'm really glad that you have found your strenghts with in him

9. next time i hurt my ankle will you be my shoulder?!

10. Oh and did I mention that I love you?!

*** Also I am very surprised as to how you are actually keeping to your schedule *****