Friday, June 19, 2009

Spontaneity & Ruined

I woke up this morning and put on the tride and true hat (that is not actually mine) and first tshirt in my drawer- that happens to be a georgia one. Then around lunchtime I find out I can hop a ride to athens for the evening. YAY! So after i'm there I realize I look like an orientation kid or something and I get offended and take my hat off. Anyway, It was a good trip to athens. I love allison. And miss her like crazy. Chris! He's awesome. Got to chill in the house I spent way too much time at this school year.. ha ha. I will be spending much time there this year laundry. YES. 

allison, goober, chris. 

Have you heard of the artist Samuel Gatlyn? You should check him out here
The songs from the hosea project have a special place in my heart.. you know maybe because they parallel my favorite novel Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers.. based on the story of Hosea. But I would say if you have to choose one song to listen to from Sammy G (yeah I give musicians nicknames that makes it sound like we're buds.. no bigs) .. i would say "Ruined" is the way to goI used to have this cd 3 computer crashes ago. I used to have a lot of music 3 computer crashes ago. When I'm not broke I'll buy it again! I've definitely been in a Sammy G mood recently. In the stillness with Gabriel something something is glorious too. Start with ruined though. ;)
Enjoy. Enjoy. Enjoy. 

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Chelsea said...

Athensssssssss. And Chris and Allison. Oh man, what a good day. That picture reminds me that we have a life back there awaiting us. wow. And me and Sammy G. have been getting close, I love him. K. I love you.