Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cup Full of Sunshine

Everyone knows I drink coffee, so it used to be this unspoken tradition that every gift giving occasion my friends or family would get me a coffee mug. For that reason I have a TON of coffee mugs. I love to go home and wake up in the morning so that I can use one of my coffee mugs. The best thing is being able to use your favorite coffee mug. I have a wide variety of coffee mugs... huge ones, small ones, free ones, plain white ones, ones from other countries, they vary. My favorite coffee mug to use is this one from india. It's brown and pretty simple. It's my favorite though. I love to wake up pour some coffee grab a book and curl up into a ball on the porch and go for it. :)
I'm currently at my dad's house. I have a favorite coffee mug to use here too. He has all sorts of ones. My dad likes coffee too. Him and I have been known to make a pot around 10pm.. no big deal. He always tries to give me the huge disney coffee mug with goofy on it- that's not my favorite though! I like the small one that was made in spain and it reminds me of all the blue you would see while you're in greece. .

I was looking for a picture to put on this blog. Apparently people are more likely to read if you have a picture. I found this one and the first thing I thought was... I WANT THAT ORANGE ONE! It'd be like waking up with a cup full of sunshine. I apologize if you're expecting a super deep blog or something. I guess I like to enjoy the simple things. Like coffee mugs. :)

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