Friday, July 10, 2009

circles of my brain.

I think I should confess... I'm scared for breakfast in the morning. Bert is cooking. He's serious about the griddle and number of pancakes, and potatoes, and apparently normal bread doesn't cut it for french toast. ha ha ha. I don't think we've all had breakfast at the same time before. SO ... I woke up this morning at 6:45... NOT COOL. My first thought was God... are you serious? I just went to sleep 3 hours ago. I don't like this game. I watched the sunrise then went back to sleep.
A) I'm on the hunt for a copy of redeeming love to let someone borrow in kennesaw. i think i might just buy it though. somehow between me, kristin, and robert we don't have that book... i didn't know that was possible. :)
B) Sammy G's cd hosea project is on download it. ps: this site is legit. don't worry.
C) I got a phone call from the FBI today. I'm not sure why. Just adding to the joke from high school that I have my own satellite and the government is following me. they really did call me today though.
D) I had a date tonight with one of the girls from the youth. My heart goes out to her. We have so much in common from our pasts... It hurts to know that someone else has had to deal with some of those things... it's good to know that I can help though. i love her. i'm glad i get to hang out with her this summer.
E) I'm ready for UGA. I miss athens. I never thought I would say this... I miss CRUMBY (brumby). I miss my girls and hiding out in their rooms. chattin with the late night desk assistants. trying to figure out who the phantom shower pooper was. Walking up and down that HORRIBLE hill. This hill isn't an exaggeration. I challenge you when in athens to go to a 4th floor study room at the slc that faces baxter street and tell me that thing isn't a beast.
So anyway. this blog is showing you about a fraction of how random my mind is... i think I just like to see who can keep up sometimes.
I need a good adventure soon.


Chelsea said...

Not only could I keep up, but I was practically predicting what you would say next. : ) Not really, but I did follow incredibly well and I bought Ali Redeeming Love for her bday and gave her Hosea Project and put notes inside the book that told her when to listen to the corresponding tracks and had thoughts for her to think about written on it. Totally you inspired.

Price Family at IHOP-KC said...

Hi Amelia!!!

I love your blog!

Check your email. I sent you something!

Love ya!
Ashton :)