Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Scrapbook.

Going home is usually really stressful for me, way more stress than it's worth, which is why I usually just don't go home. As I was on my way home monday afternoon, I decided I would not allow this trip to be stressful. I would not allow the enemy to use that time in my life and time with my family as a stronghold and a place to beat me down. We prayed on the way home for our time with our families. When I got home I prayed through every room in my house.. I had the most relaxing trip home I've ever had. Despite the gross rain that hindered any possible beach excursions... yuck.

If you read my blog regularly, you know that I've been learning from the Lord that I am me. After struggling with attempting to change my focus, I was reminded of not forgetting my heart. Being home was good. In my room at home, it was good to be in the place where I learned to encounter the Lord on my own. Where I learned how to live in Him... by His teaching not by man's. It was like being back in the wilderness- even if just for two nights. I heard someone talk about our relationships with Jesus by saying we should create memories with Him; as if we were creating memories with our future spouse. I think I imagine God pulling out this huge scrapbook and He starts pointing at things and sometimes he's like, THIS WAS AWESOME!! or I caught your tears that day.. here they are, or you were so frustrated that day.. but those barren days mattered.. they're all here as He flips through the endless pages of the scrapbook, I realize.. He remembers all the moments we spend together. I'm camping out on that thought for a little while.


Stephanie said...

I really like this analogy!!! You are one insightful person.... I miss you.... and talking to you..... you always make me think!!


Chelsea said...

I really like those thoughts. I am going to keep them stirring in my mind for a while. Talking about God like that just made me happy.