Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Power of a Hoodie.

It's official. I'm heading home August 3rd. That's a sad sentence. I'm excited to go home for a little bit before I head back to school, but I like it here. I got a crew. It's good. I've been lacking in my alone time recently... you can tell. I kind of avoid people when I'm lacking my alone time. I miss it. When I don't have my alone time I often feel like the world is overwhelming me.. So I lay on the floor and pull a blanket over my head. I block the world out and leave just enough room in my blanket for me and my Jesus. We hideaway... i'm certain no one can find us there. It's like when you were little (or if you're me on Spring Break freshmen year of college) and you build a fort. The good forts were the ones that you could go in on one side, of a table or something, and then come out on the other side into a HUGE fort. Inside that fort you could do what you wanted. It was where your imagination was ENDLESS. Where your thoughts and mind were able to flow freely, unhindered by things outside the fort that said you couldn't do it. When I'm needing that place of freedom, I go under my blanket. I've been known to use a flashlight or two under there (or the luminescence of a cell phone).
That's some good time. That's what I did last night. Now I'm sitting in the intern room after lunch and that's the only place to be. I crave my blanket time- I guess a hoodie will work for now.

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