Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday in the life of Me.

Sunday, Sunday. For those of you that might or might not know the details of my summer. You know i'm an intern, but where? Riverstone. is the name of the game. I've really grown to love this place over the summer! Sundays at Riverstone are always different. This morning, I was wide-eyed trying to follow the Associate Pastor, Mark Nysewander's, teaching. He's intense. Tom Tanner is the head pastor, he's been in Scotland for a couple weeks though. Daniel Bashta is the worship leader- he's a really cool guy.
Today after church we had to jump right into MOVE mode. Packing & Unpacking! YIKES. I've decided I should be really pro at this by the end of my 4 years of college. Every summer you have to move home in may. I assume I'll have some sort of summer event, i.e. internship, where I'll live in a different place for the summer. Then there is the move home. Then the move back up to athens. Basically I'm a pro.
Sunday nights we have a youth prayer meeting during the summer. Those meetings are powerful and significant! This is the last one, at least for me, this summer (Because next week is facedown!!) I leave a week from monday. After the youth prayer meeting a large group of people head over to the Burruss family house. What an awesome family. I love every minute I spend with them! Kayla and I jokingly started to name these gatherings Amelia's Going Away Party Part 4 (tonight). We've had 1, 2, 3, 4.. and 5 is to come soon.
It's cool to think about how the Lord provides for me. I was stressed about not having a job for the summer, yet I've made it through the summer. I wasn't worried about not having friends, but I didn't think I would have so many friends outside of the interns. The Lord has brought together a crew for me to hang out with in my home away from home in Kennesaw, GA. I've spent the summer without TV. I've tried to keep the hours spent on Facebook down to a minimum and really focus my summer on building relationships and soaking in the alone time with God. For me, that is what it meant to have a successful summer. Learning, Soaking, and Making new friends.
I'm going to miss my prayer room with a bed in it. It's served me well this summer. Thanks Kristin and Bert :)

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