Monday, August 3, 2009

2 syllables that pack a punch.

I keep trying to write this blog. About saying goodbye. I keep trying to somehow put words together that make sense that can convey how I really feel. I don’t know if I can. Not as a public goodbye to whoever may be reading that I didn’t get a chance to bid farewell. If you haven’t got the memo yet… Kennesaw is wonderful. I’ve loved riverstone! & the internship. I’ll always have some love for this place.

I’m talking about a more broad topic. Saying goodbye in general. Some people it’s like bye, when you know you’ll see them in a couple hours… no big deal. For others, that uncertainty of a future meeting trips us up. That’s when people get a discomfort for saying goodbye.. even if it’s with people they’re just getting to know. I’ve felt this discomfort. I used to be the kid with waterworks when their friends left. Somewhere along the way I became as jaded to that as everything else around me.

Now I look at goodbyes in a different light. For me, they have a weightiness to their purpose. As usual, there’s way more going on than what I’m doing. My mind is always at work.

When I say goodbye, instead of focusing on how I might not see this person ever again. Instead, My mind is flooded with memories with that person. I guaruntee you… when I say those words… goodbye… for the next few seconds I’m having a quick sprint down memory lane.

I said goodbye to a lot of people tonight. For some, there were just a few convos to remember. For others, there was a bit more. For some, there was way more weight attached than anyone else around would ever pick up on – did they themselves even pick up on it? That’s when I find myself wondering what other people think about when they say goodbye. Do other people think of all their memories when saying goodbye… or is it just a nonchalante act? Or do people focus on what the future looks like? I like the adventure… not knowing when you’ll be back or what the future looks like. It’s a good place to be.

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