Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Friends at the Desk.

I can't wait to tell ya'll about this!
So i'm staying in a hotel on my way home from the internship.. focusing on not being discouraged by the drive and conversations thus far... Having confidence that the significance of my summer requires that I leave Kennesaw- despite preferences. Anyway... so I'm in the hotel. I'm in the room with my mom who loves TV. I hate tv. I don't watch TV. I have spent maybe 4 hours this entire summer in front of a television. It was PAINFUL to sit and watch tv with my mom. I was focusing on the coming hour when I could sneak away to the lobby and pop in some headphones and camp out in a comfy corner chair... with some good quality alone time... hoodie up. duh.
ha ha ha, so I start digging through my bookbag and quickly realize I have successfully lost every pen I owned this summer. Luckily I'm in a hotel. Where they ALWAYS have pens. I'd be bold enough to say that in the same way american babies always come with those cute little hats, american hotels always come with hotel pens. Facts of life. So I approach the front desk in search of a pen. The desk assistant sees the ihop hoodie I have on.. and says "international house of prayer?" ... We proceed to have a conversation about prayer and the heart of the Lord.
She was working, so of course interruptions came. I began to pray asking for a word to encourage this young girl that has already encouraged me so much. I felt like the Lord was saying show her your resources. So I gave her a piece of paper with my name, email, favorite books, music, podcasts, websites. Anything I could think of...
Talk about a turn around for a night right? I love the way the Lord uses the nights for me. I made a friend this year that worked the late night shift at the desk in my dorm. Such encouragement comes through these nighttime conversations. Sorry this is not a very organized blog... i'm a bit excited about my answered prayer for encouragement for the next 24 hours.

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