Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sinus Infection? No... Swine Flu.

I found out a few things today:
[a] 1 bowl of cereal fits perfectly into 1 plastic container.
[b] 1 plastic container fits perfectly into a Kavu purse.
[c] to go to the university health center I'm on the Green Team.
[d] the university implemented 6 furlough days... that food service employees do not get to enjoy.
[e] I am in fact 5'4 and neither taller nor shorter.

If you can't tell I went to the university health center today. I have never been to the health center before so that was a new experience. I went in because everyone kept saying I have a sinus infection. Instead of confirming I have a sinus infection they say whatever it is should be better tomorrow but that I should start taking my temperature regularly because the swine flu is on campus. THANK YOU HEALTH CENTER... for not helping at all.

On a different note, I'm taking a religion class this semester. Reli 1003. Such an interesting class. A) he asked us all to add him on facebook. B) our first assignment he asked us to define our religious views.
The first question he asked us to put a label to our beliefs. A few of you might know that one thing I don't like are labels - because of the connotation associated with them. When answering this question I felt the need to be truthful and speak my mind openly. So I did. I'm used to teachers not liking an honest answer so I was prepared for the negative response. I wrote that it offends me to label myself with a religion... mainly because of all the perceptions and things people think they know about me just because I mark christian on a standardized test. He asked about our church homes, and places of worship.... what surprised me the most was his response to my emailed assignment..... "I get to have you in class."
I was expecting to be chewed out a bit.....then he says he gets to have me in class. what a cool dude. he's preaching somewhere near athens this weekend...maybe i'll go if I don't end up going somewhere with Natalie.
aight. dinner time. later days.
by the way... African history pre-colonization is interesting.

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