Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sunrise, Sunrise.

I love my roommates. Ginger, Jordan, Me, Stefani. This was our first meeting last year before summer. Who knew we'd all get along so well:)

helloo! I feel like it's been a while. Classes have started. Wesley Leadership has been Kicked-Off. Work goes on. & my awesome friendship bracelet is hanging on by a thread... for real 1 thread. Life has resumed... not that it was ever paused.

I think the point I'm trying to get across is that I'm a busy little worm this semester. My life is SCHEDULED. No lie. It's kind of annoying me. I don't like to be on a schedule. I like my spontaneous lifestyle. Between work, school, wesley, freshley, discipleship, friendships, and all that jazz.... I have to have a schedule so that I don't miss what i've committed to, or double book my time to have coffee with people. YIKES. Speaking of coffee.... I was so busy from 7am-9pm that I forgot to have coffee.& you guys say i'm addicted... PF.

So the title of this blog.."Sunrise, Sunrise." I'm on the top floor of my building.. and both my room and Ginger's room face - what I assume is East. Our view is just glorious.... the loop that goes around athens, construction of the new dorm, and we face the source of the east campus funk. Every morning construction begins promptly at 7am. As annoying as that is- to always here the daily progress of the building... we have on of the best rooms on campus. Top Floor facing East. The sun rises in the east. Every morning the sun comes up and we can sit in our beds and watch the day unfold. I'm a big fan of sunrises. What amazes me is that they are never the same. Sometimes they're just typical colors across the sky and what not.... then there are days like today. Where you are convinced of the age old tales that suggest the skies are God's paintings. Even though it's early. I LOVE waking up... even if just for a few minutes to see this daily event.

TODAY IS THE DAY! Aug 19, 2009... First Wesley is tonight.. Last year it was held for the beginning of the semester at the Athens Classic Center downtown. Tonight......
it's going to be at......

Tate II... in the middle of campus.In the new student life building. Right across from the Sanford Stadium.
Pre-Wesley leadership and prayer...... will be.... in North PJ.... which is ON CAMPUS! amazing.

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Kristin said...

So Maddie and I watched the sunrise together this morning. I'm sure she would have rather watched it with her big sis! :) She couldn't sleep and neither could I, so I got her out of her crate and the two of us went downstairs and curled up on the couch together and watched the sun come up. It was a sweet moment--but now I"m about to crash! :)