Sunday, August 23, 2009

Watch Out Heaven, Here We Come.

Ah, favorite coffee mug in hand, good memories from this weekend, my room's a mess, a list of things to do for school tomorrow, and plans for later today regardless of if the other stuff gets done. Good Morning, Sunday, how are you today?
Some people I love came & visited me this weekend. I loved spending the weekend with them. I think Kathy had the time of her life at a dance party we went to. Kayla has a healthy curiosity for the future. Walker spent way too much time with a group of girls... maybe he learned a thing or two. I like to call people sunshine, Carly for real is like sunshine. Rachel, was kind of quiet, but I was so happy to see her. I've missed my thursday nights with her. It's been a good weekend - and it's not even over yet!
I've really been praying for this freshman class a lot. There's something powerful stirring in them. At wesley last year, there was all this talk about my class, how incredible we were. I was talking to a friend a few weeks ago... and we were talking about school, campus life, and yadda yadda... amidst our conversation we talked about our class. We go to two entirely different schools, in different states, we agreed on something about our class though - we are united. We talked about the various examples of this and could even remember in our high schools homecoming activities and stuff like that how united our class was compared to the rest.
This freshman class at UGA is hungry. They're coming to UGA with a lot of brokenness - seeking restoration. They love His presence. I'm excited for this year to come... I'm excited to spend as much time with the freshmen as I can. I'm excited to be praying for them. I'm challenged by them. I'm excited to enter in to His presence with them.
Watch Out Heaven Here We Come.

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