Sunday, September 27, 2009

I'm not stepping back.

Recently, I've had some of the best talks with people while walking. :) I love to walk... and I love to talk.. (& listen). One of those went something like this:
A friend was telling me about a book she had been reading and it talked about how we give God our life but then we try to hold on to that one section. Like we'll surrender our lives to the Lord but we want to hold onto just one area-- like school, boys, music, friends yadda yadda...
You've heard that example before probably. Or that statement. I feel like I've heard that sermon and taken those notes a few too many times. The statement is true... it probably is something I should hear regularly in my life.... but I hate that message.
(BACKGROUND: i don't know if you know but my recent life has been about trusting the Lord)
I don't like the way that this message comes across. It's good. But It makes me think I should surrender to the Lord and step back. I don't want to. Not that I want to hold onto these areas of my life.. pf. I don't want my hands to be in any of that! but I don't want to let go completely. For real. I refuse to let go. I don't want to give things to God then step away. I don't think he calls us to that! I think he wants us to give them to Him, then partner with Him. I think we wants to dream with us. He doesn't want to be ruling your life with an iron fist (as that sermon makes me feel)... He wants to know your desires. He wants you to contend. He loves you and wants to be with You.. you stepping back Is the last thing He'd ever want you to do.

Walks & Talks have been good things. I look forward to more. Well runs & talks... did that today too. Apparently I'm in training for a half marathon.... yeah. I know. right.

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