Thursday, September 17, 2009


so some of you know this... but for those of you that don't... this could potentially revolutionize the way you do lunch.
that's correct. I'm talking about Peanut Butter Jelly Time. I had a major dilemma this summer while fixing my lunch. I had heard about so many different ways to make a pb&j... but i didn't want to try any of the new ways. Because what if it wasn't as satisfying...i'd be left with a disappointing lunch. & resort to granola. [which actually happened anyway... i Love granola.]... so back to the point... i was talking to a friend about the problem... the conclusion... was.... I WOULD HAVE A BATTLE OF THE PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLIES!
yes. here's how it goes. You make a sandwich... on one half...i started with the normal... PB on one side & jelly on the other. the other half of that SAME sandwich would be a new way. Which ever side tasted better.. won! [day 2] the winner from yesterday is half #1. the other half of the sandwich is the new way.
I challenge you. To try a new way of doing things you've always done the same way.
if you're worried or uncomfortable... just do it. I mean... i've always shampooed once then conditioned my hair... but what if i shampooed twice then shampooed.... you never know how amazing it could be until you try it. I'm for reals. [The Lord is doing a new thing... embrace it.]
by the way... I determined my favorite way to have a pbj is peanut butter on both pieces of bread with some jelly in between... don't be shy with either substance.. i like my sandwiches to pee a little.
and for future info about my life: toms +rain = funky feet worse than chacos.

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that was a great blog. gotta love it.