Friday, October 2, 2009

The Secret Handshake.

Time for a shout out blog. I've been thinking about doing this one for a while, I've just not gotten around to it. Who in my life deserves such a shout out, the honor to have an entire blog dedicated completely to them? Ginger Hightower. I met gingy last year, we were in a small group together at Freshley. I basically lived in her room last year. Now we have our own rooms right next to each other. We're two really different people, yet we fit together so well. In our roommate situation, she likes to be motherly. Which is great! - because sometimes I need to be mothered. Like, when I go out of town pestering me about whether I got everything. Or asking if I've eaten. Or giving me a bed time... knowing I won't follow it. Turning out the lights for me when I fall asleep with them on, and taking my glasses off. We have lunch every MWF with our friend Nick & I think he just likes to listen to Ginger and I interact. Last night David laughed at our bidding each other goodnight. I don't know. Apparently people like to observe our relationship. I could go on... and on... and on. Those of you reading I'm sure know that she's one of my best friends...
Ginger entered a video contest for a band called The Secret Handshake. The task was to singer their music in a public place, get creative, include a lot of people, and just spread some TSH love. The way I coped with this, was to pretend to be not that interested or excited..... I WAS. WHEN GING found out the results... I screamed. She didn't get 1st place. No drums. But she got TICKETS! & TSHIRT! & "other goodies"... & multiple apologies for him not having two drum sets.... This is her entry. :) Enjoy. If you want to make her day... comment on it on youtube. give it 5 stars. and tell her how awesome it is!

love you gingy :)

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Ginger said...

MEEEEEEEELS!!!! I love you! And I'm learning to blog... I'm really going to try... Maybe. I love you! Did I say that... I LOVE YOU!? Ok. You're standing behind me. You just said "I'm not reading it" but I don't buy that. To the most wonderful roomie/ daughter/ friend... thanks for being my Meels. I don't know how I got such a blessing in my life but boy am I thankful for you. :]