Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Raining Cats & Dogs & Little Green Frogs!

fun: looking at the "edit posts" tab... and seeing how many blogs I start but never post...a majority of time they never get posted just because I'm in a hurry and close my computer and by the time I get back around to it I've decided I don't want to post it anymore. bahumbug.
It's raining... and I didn't realize it when I left my building this morning... Now i'm stuck in the SLC without a rainjacket.... I'm hoping it'll stop some so that I can head home for a nap & food. before work.
work. work. work. not a fan. not true. i'm a fan. i'm thankful for my job. thankful.. thankful.
Secret Handshake concert this week.
Fall break... not sure where i'm going. I want to go to tennessee or to flowery branch and see my lil sibs or marietta..... bah. i want to get out of athens- at all costs. well... not all costs. cause you see costs implies money... money is bah.
okay. yes. i'm hungry. it's spinach alfredo pizza day in the dining halls... yummmmmo.
I went on a trip to the BSB concert this weekend.... The drive between Charlotte, NC to Athens, GA was b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l. for real. The leaves were all changing... oranges. reds. yellows. greens. browns. My kinds of colors. Fall is a good time for me... you can wear the corduroy, jackets, scarfs, long sleeves, & snuggly blankets... or a snuggie.
OH hit up your local marble slab and try this combo: Coffee & pumpkin icecream with brownie mixed in.......for real. you have to. delicious.
Today.. is today... feels a bit odd. unfamiliar. funky junky. dreary. yet happy. really happy. comfortable.. maybe really what today is... is amelia. in a cozy corner. coffee. pillow. book. and napping is a possibility. Tuesday at it's finest.

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