Monday, October 5, 2009

Timing.. When to press send?

So a lot of times I get inspiration for my blog from my journal.... I just take a little nugget and expound on it..
[problem]: i lost my journal & bible last night.
They have been found... but I won't get them returned to me until Friday.
yikes. Security blanket... gone. Convicted. I've always had the rule... New Season-New Journal. & I've felt like It's about time to get a new bible for a while now.... I just haven't. Looks like this is my chance. No coincidence that this happens the week my DT time is going to be hunting for the Christian bookstores in Athens... right.
by the way.. it is day 10. :)
Last night I went back to Riverstone for Facedown... No one knew I was coming. :) I love surprises. You might have read... I like when people surprise me (their reaction, actions, thoughts, motives I love when people are surprising)... and I like to surprise people. It's fun. you should try it. I had dinner with my Marietta family last night... the Burruss' and McLendon's. I love these people.
I'm having this internal argument.. of when & how. It's all about timing. Timing is interesting. Something that has the potential to be awesome... coming at the wrong time... could really change the outcome. So i'm trying to decide when and how. I don't want to.. But I know I should. I don't have to... I am. I don't want to in the wrong timing. I don't want to in a wrong way. I especially don't want to see the reaction. blah. I will press "send" one day.
okay. Freshley tonight. yes! cmon.

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