Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I used to think "A.M." as in "It's 4 A.M." was a cool reference to me. Like Amelia Morgan.. but A.M.... turns out it's pretty standard when telling time. oh well.

I'm starting this new thing... I notice a trend in my blogging habits... I tell you lots about stuff i'm starting. I think I usually tell you about it in this way too.... back to the facts... I'm starting a new thing.

The thing is ... I'm making a list. A list of things I want to do. I think of A Walk to Remember. you know how she wants ... be in 2 places at once & get a tattoo... yadda yadda. It's kind of like that. I'm gonna figure out what the thing is where I can have it on my blog... for some accountability. I have until Next Wednesday Oct 28,2009 to finish writing the list... then it's time. for some action. It'll be complete with the criteria for what gets to be on the list and what doesn't.... and a time limit & whatever else I want. :) Stay Tuned....

my cartilage is in limbo right now. some people think I should take it out and leave it out... some people are not quite of that persuasion and think I should see if it can tough it out. ;)

I have to go to Math tomorrow. Have to. I will. I will be a good student and go to class. Kesho Mimi nitakuwa mwanafunzi mzuri na kwende darasani. whoa.. that was coollll as I was writing that in english I thought of what it would be in swahili. BAH. i'm cool.

OH. Not sure if I actually wrote about this... maybe somewhere.... BUT.. if you've heard that I don't have any hobbies.... wrong. I have a legit hobby. I am a Notaphile...yes i realize this is a very creepy title.....[definition:] Curency collecting is the field of Notaphily which refers specifically to the collecting of "bank notes" or currency as we call it.

Saying goodbye to Kristin tonight made me want to go back to Marietta. For someone without very many attachments to things in life.... I have a very odd attachment to that place. Interesting huh?

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