Thursday, November 19, 2009

day 8.

[image 441 in photobooth. ha ha ha. thank you VERY much]. This pill this tiny little... HUGE pill... is actually the bain of my existence right now. good ole 800 mg ibuprophen. when your throat is so swollen it hurts to swallow water. & to take this little guy.... all that's required of you is to ..... EAT. SWALLOW WATER. and SWALLOW IT.
mhm. this pill is horrible.
I'm tired of being sick. It's so exhausting. I've been sick for well over a week now. This is the worst week in my life to be sick: the week leading up to thanksgiving with the fam. biggest swahili project of the year starts in 2 hours. dreamers conference this weekend. plans to catch up with an old friend over break. All things I need to be well for, and have lots of energy.
I'm praying for my healing. You can too..

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