Sunday, November 22, 2009

Home Sweet Home

As we pulled into the driveway I'd noticed not a lot has changed. A tasteful indifference toward the appearance of the yard has been maintained despite my absence. The front door painted red is a reminder of our last "project" by project I mean impulse home improvement day. Next to your feet when coming up the stairs to the red painted door is a wide arrangement of pots. All sizes. All colors. All Gerber Daisies. About 7 years ago gripped by the promise of the new life in our new house, we took up a new hobby- growing things. It really became more of killing things. The only plant we could keep alive for more than a week were Gerber Daisies. As tradition holds in our household, if it works buy a bunch and stick with it.
Ever since then we've been known to have gerber daisies awaiting anyone who knocks on the door.
As usual no aromas coming from the kitchen. A tv can be heard coming from the back side of the house. Apparently cats get lonely these days and televisions have become suitable companions. Walking through the house I felt stuffy, like I was choking. I go to the kitchen to have a nice cold cup of... milk seems to be the only option. Milk? interesting.
I pull a cup out of the cabinet- it's stained with lipstick. I pull out another glass- it is also stained with lipstick. A quirk I'd never noticed before, I thought I knew them all. But Lipstick stained glasses. That's the newest of the tricks.
I realized my mom has been yelling at me from the back of her room for a few minutes now. I walked into her room to see what all the fuss was about... then I heard it.... what I knew was coming.... the phrase that does not know death... the Mom's Battle Cry heard around the world.....
yep. I've been gone for.... months. I don't actually live here anymore... I hope I never become so concerned with the cleanliness of my child's room.
Welcome Home... Home Sweet Home.

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