Saturday, November 14, 2009

It's Saturday... IN ATHENS.... :/

I carved my name in a tree... && made my mark... i'll have to take my camera back to the tree so that I can show you! I did it with a spoon... i know. I have high tech equipment... actually I just found a spoon on the ground and figured... Why not try it!
so life is good... except this waking up early in the morning with a high fever. or like this morning.... not being able to get warm. at all... in any way. It was HORRIBLE. I put on as many clothes as I could find. and wrapped myself like a burrito in all my blankets(& let me tell you! I have A LOT of blankets!)... and it actually scared me because for hours I laid there not able to get warm. During the day... I mostly feel fine... it's only really early in the morning where I feel HORRIBLE. I'm tired of this being sick thing. It does not work well with my lifestyle. Apparently you are supposed to go to bed "early" when you are sick... FOR REAL? I had to miss math class on friday because of my fever.... now I found out I have a test on monday! WHAT THE HECK?
So once again. I will spend sunday teaching myself math... although at this rate... it looks like i'm probably skipping all athens related activities & doing math. YUCK.
Happy Saturday!

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