Monday, November 9, 2009

Green Reminds me...

ugh. so i love to blog. I'm a big fan of blogging... when life gets busy... my blogs become WAY less frequent... have you noticed that? The most frustrating part, that some of you might know, is that I actually have MORE that I want to write about during these times. But then never do.... By the time I sit down right here. In this spot. Wishing I had a hood on my flannel. now that's an idea. a hoodie... but flannel style. hmm... i'd enjoy that I suppose. right so When I finally make it HERE. I can't remember a cotton pickin thing that I've wanted to write about recently.
That's when you get the blogs like this... the ones where I don't have a specific thought that I want to share with you I just simply pretend I'm thoroughly responding to the question: "What're you thinking?"
Here goes... Freedom. thoughts running rampant. Take a look into my brain. There's a woman sitting at a table to the left of me that is advertising the Tanzania Study Abroad trip... Which I would love to do. Love it. Swahili. Tanzania. Maandazi. She's wearing a plethera of green reminds me of every thing it did it blinds. that's a song. called green by Brendan James. she's wearing a lot of green and knitting something. I used to knit. By used to, I mean... I dabbled in it a bit. Made a scarf and never made much more. Tanzania. Right. I Want to go there. I'd love to go there. And use my swahili. That i'm learning. Mimi ninataka kwenda Tanzania kwa sebabu ninaongea kiswahili lakini mimi sitaki kwenda na shule. Tarehe mwezi wa kumi na moja siku kumi na tisa miaka elfu mbili na tisa Mimi nina utendaji kwa darasa kwa Kiswahili. Je, Wewe kuja?
sorry for that sidenote. okay so this woman at the table has one of those computers with the cranks on them... the kind that you can use in the middle of nowhere and it still work. you buy one for like 200 dollars and it gives one to a kid somewhere in the middle of nowhere... I really support that idea. If i had loads of money that I could buy awesome gifts with I would get a kid in my family one of those computers... that way another kid gets one. When are you no longer a kid? everyone seems to think it's 18 and you're done. I DO NOT support that. Woodstockappella is this friday. I'm really excited. A lesser known fun fact about Amelia Morgan... is despite my lack of vocal abilities I'm a fantatic of other's vocal talents. Not a fanatic. and not a groupie. We agreed upon... "Enthusiast." Groupie reminds me of the movie Almost Famous... I'm not that sort of groupie. Fanatic makes me think of LeCrae... I'm F-A-N-A-T-I-C. Fanatic I rep Christ till I D-I-E. Fanatic. And all though I am that definition. I don't apply it to the acappella genre.
There's this person named Fred that goes to UGA. I don't know his last name. I don't know his major. I don't even really know very much about him at all.....Somehow my friends gave him a ride to wesley at the beginning of last year and ever since then everytime I see him.... He says hello. I always think it's so weird that he remembers my name... then i look at it from the other perspective - I remember his.

I just took a break from writing. And read Kristin's blog everytime I actually go to this site... I see the picture she chose to link my blog. I think it's one of my favorites... it's from Behold Ministries in Alabama.. I was a SWAT leader.. and will be this year too. we went walking and found all sorts of fun things that I climbed up. I like to stand on things. I stand on desks. I stand in chairs. I sit on counters. I am a wanderer i have no place or time. i'm just drifting on this lonely road of mine. If you like you can come along with me. But I promise you that I am not the way I used to be. [song]. I suppose I should head home before it rains. yeah?
The tanzanian lady has come and gone. her elaborate display has been replaced with two college kids engrossed in facebook, coffee, and txting. ut oh. I could be lumped in that category too... ouch. I love being reduced to a cultural cliche... because only College kids use facebook, drink coffee, and txt all at once...
it's about to rain. or get dark. I can't tell. Either way.... Have a night full of wonder and inspiring delight.

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