Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I founds a lady bug.

I found a lady bug:) lets talk about life. I've taken up crossword puzzles. I feel like #90 Do 1 Crossword puzzle every week for a month... will be knocked out this month. Cause ive done more than one. Bad news #97 don't skip math class..... i failed. I've missed it TWICE this week.
I know. I know. I will employ something that I have to do for every one that I don't complete.... AND I keep doing stuff that is not on my list but should be:
EX: photocopy my face.. CHECK.

It's hard to narrow down what i've been thinking about. Learning. or Considering.. these days. There is just too much. way too much.
I think that's all i got for ya right now. Sorry to disappoint :/

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Kurt Miller said...

I'm a little behind, but that is sweet! We actually have been getting tons of lady bugs in our room. Pretty cool huh? haha.