Monday, November 2, 2009

Make Me, Shape Me, Into Everything that you want me to be.

yes sireee! you are right! Day 2 of my list is today and i've already marked off one thing!
Buy a Dress & Wear it!

I didn't think about taking a picture for this monumental occasion... but just believe me... it happened.
I still wore chacos... don't get TOO crazy! #5 = COMPLETED. 100 to go... and 999 days left.
Sorry for those of you who are irritated that my list isn't very organized. If any of you Type A personalities would like to do that for me... enjoy.
Statement to the public: I want to do as many of these with YOU! as possible.... so let me know if you want to do any of them. :)

Life, life, life. What's going on in my life?
Right now I think i'm gonna head home and brew some Pumpkin Spice coffee... many thanks to Kristin McLendon! probs while listening to the new rita :)
m, song i want to leave with you. That God kinda hit me with on Sunday... Download. it's Daniel Bashta's CD... and listen to Potter's Wheel.

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