Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas the AJM way..

I am eating what might possibly be the best pound cake on the earth... I know. I know. Everyone says that... but Even people who make their own pound cakes asks my family where we get ours from....
There is this lady named Miss Mil ... now that I think about it... i'm not sure i've ever even met her. She is this 80+ woman who makes pound cakes that are DELICIOUS. for real. Every year she gives my aunt like 2 of them... and says "I hope its a good one."

When I was younger my parents rotated christmas morning.. 1995 christmas with dad. 96 i woke up at mom's (then in the afternoon i'd go to the other parent's house).. complex.. i know. yadda.
The last few years ive woken up at mom's house. then aunt's house for lunch. then dad's in the evening. I mixed it up this year so that I could spend Christmas morning with my little brother and sister. Look out! Goodbye my years of momma waking me up around 11 with a cup of Christmas coffee. My littlebrother already informed me of his plan to wake me up E-A-R-L-Y.

I'm glad I came here. He is ... SO EXCITED for christmas. I don't think I can even describe it to you... He's just WIRED. he's 6 this year. I feel like thats a good well rounded year to start really enjoying certain things :) Like the anticipation of Santa on Christmas Morning. pst. I got to eat the cookies & milk... mhm.mhm. .
Grace is 9. She is excited ... but kind of more in a "oh... I know what's gonna happen. Santa brings what you want :) " way.
It'll be fun. Then back to my cousin's house. Then back to my mom's house for more "santa & christmas"...

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