Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Animal Crackers.

Whoa, say huh?
I've been very bad about keeping up with some regular blogging habits.... I don't have much of routine established for my life this semester. I don't even like routine... but I feel like I should maybe have one.
Let's discuss an issue... WAKING UP. I just do not even wake up at all in the mornings. Any ideas for how to wake myself up? you should comment. Because that's fun. And makes you less of a stalker because i'm now aware that you read my blog..... righhhhhht?
I've been studying out the WAZOOO for my first International Affairs test. I'm so nervous. It's like this..... International Affairs is me. It's my thing. I know all the countries in the world. I like culture and global issues.... If I don't do well in this class... I have to change my major. And i'm not good at what I thought I was good at.... You know what I mean? I just feel some pressure.
Now that I think about it..... that's a very overwhelming feeling.
I'm applying for this trip to Tanzania to learn swahili. You have to have a phone interview to determine your proficiency and I guess, your aptitude. I'm nervous... i dunno. you know?
ps: i'm working on the list. don't fret.

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Chelsea said...

Turn on a light. Turn on music. PEE. And eat food. I feel like currently you're probably only doing one of these things and that's because your bladder is tiny.