Friday, January 29, 2010

Good Day Sir!

I have to view my blog everytime I write one... So that I remember what i've already blogged about and what I haven't.... every single time. Even if there is only 24 hours in between. There's some sort of disconnect between my brain in my fingers... wait a second. that makes no sense.
When I write... I'm thinking clearly and everything...Afterwards I never can remember what I wrote though. Not just when blogging, but essays, letters, txts, emails.... anything. Strange huh?
I'm coming home again! =P
There's some staples that occur when I come back.... like.. La Parilla. Saturday night... you should come. Definitely some coffee or tea time with the McLendon's... this usually isn't a conscious occurrence. it just happens.... ha well at least it's not conscious for me... For all I know kristin and bert could have been plotting the couch time for days and i'd be oblivious. Oh in association with some La Parilla.... is some Burruss Family time...
and if you know me. i assume you do if you are reading.... you should already assume that I will be seeing Kayla. at any free opportunity. we've yet to make some cupcakes... that'd be fun. let's make dinosaur cupcakes.
oh ... look out. This could easily be a very list oriented weekend. for real.
OH. I ordered some of my favorite movies on amazon. Triplets of Belleville. Run Lola Run. &&&&&&&&&&& AMELIE!
i'm excited.
speaking of list.... let's do a quick run through...
#11. I bought this device called a Night Sky Navigator.... and now i'm able to locate other constellations besides orion... such as Gemini & Taurus... and I got to prove that the little group of stars that David called the little dipper was the 7 little sisters... which is what I said it was... =P
#13. still working on the AFI top 100 movies list. So far my favorite one i've watched from it was either On The Waterfront. or All the president's men. wait... definitely all the president's men. SO FAR. chill.
#17 Go to a museum i've never been to before! being accomplished in a few hours. We're going to see the Da Vinci exhibit!!!! YES PLEASE!
#24 BOOKBAG... yes ladies and gents. I retired the light blue stained bookbag. it only reappears for special occasions. These days I'm now sporting a purple billion pockets & very strap-tastic bookbag. Thank you TJ Maxx. Oh... and Christmas money.
#26 Learn to Drive. I still hate driving. but I am learning.
Other ones are also in the works. But due to the highly classified nature of these goals... and the knowledge of certain person's subscription to "Freedom for the Thought"... this thought is censored.
I said Good Day Sir!

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Kristin said...

this just made me laugh-because I did not read it before you got here-but the morning after our 4 hours of couch time last night-but weren't you pleasantly surprised that the couch time involved a wii this time! :)

and it just really reinforced a conversation i had recently about what my love language is--yes, my friend, it's quality time. sit down on the couch with me with a cup of tea and you're speaking my love language! thanks for being apart of our lives. we love you!