Friday, January 15, 2010


The time is now: BEHOLD 2010... say what!!!
I'm so pumped for this weekend. Fret not... i'm bringing my Night Sky Navigator with me... yeahhhhh boiiiiiiiiiiiii. thank you lobby of hobbies. Last summer i feel like byron went on a special search for some coffee for me. maybe i should bring my own this time?

I think I had a nugget at some point this week.. I don't remember it.
I can tell you this much... phone tag is not a fun game ... COUGH. :)

I really want to get some coffee... but i'm scared to even verify how much money i've spent on coffee this past week. no good. for real.
ha ha ha... okay so I was at work last night (I work in a dining hall... food services... i'm a lunch lady... and i do not wear a hair net) i meant yesterday. YESTERDAY i was at work. My friend maggie comes over to me at the deli... and says AMELIA the best smell ever is back by salad prep right now! so i say, COVER ME. I wanna smell.
they were cleaning out the coffee things. ;P


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Kristin said...

yes. phone tag is no fun. BUT it gives God the opportunity to let you out of class early so you can talk to me.....:) love you. So good to catch up with you today. Praying for your weekend. Remember John 15 :)