Wednesday, February 3, 2010

old lady

As I'm sure you know, I have a terrible memory. In the last week, I've had lots of moments that have stuck with me.
For instance, one afternoon we were crossing the street at lumpkin and heard shuffling feet behind us. A quick glance behind us and we saw an elderly woman running (well as fast as she can go) across the street before the light turns green again. She was just that picture perfect old woman crossing the street. Head kind of down - which i've been told just happens when you get old- I don't know. Carrying a bag... but when she got to the other side... her speed decreased. DRASTICALLY. I wonder what I would be like as an old lady. I can't picture it. At all.

Basically I guess what I was trying to communicate is that I like to people watch. mmmmmmhm. I love to see people get excited to see each other.
I like to see people engrossed in a very animated conversation. You know.... all the good scenarios to watch what's going on. I was going to fill this with all the ones I remember. But as I started to write one.... I forgot the others.... It's time for class anyway.......
I am going.

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