Friday, March 5, 2010


If you recieve this in a reader that doesn't show photos you should jet on over to the REAL DEAL.

#14. Carry my camera with me for 14 days.
So when I wrote my list. I think I envisioned if I carried my camera with me everywhere for 14 days straight... I'd end up with lots of amazing photos. I do enjoy now having some pictures that I'd probably not have taken before... But really I just liked the re interest in photography that it has sparked. I used to be really into photography. Someone somewhere told me I wasn't good enough... and i've not really continued it sense then. this frame of mind is being broken slowly but surely.
This is a taste of what I did over those 2 weeks... Lots of them weren't anything good. Some of them I liked... regardless of their quality.


I've always passed this place. And wanted to go on a photo excursion one day. That "one day" happened.

a favorite.
possibly my most favorite.
[Maggie Grimm] has some mighty patience. She indulges me often, thank you friend.

Elle's sister came. This was a WONDERFUL day. It started the tradition of "flying" our way across streets. Yes that means running with arms spread eagle as if we were airplanes. & Screaming for sanity's sake.

Meet Carley! Love this picture.
She's lookin quirky and I gots some hair in my face... typical.

Once upon a time the entrance to East Campus was blocked by a railway car because the train became derailed. Not really a favorite of the pictures. I wish I had taken some more time to really take the picture that I envisioned. is it weird to envision pictures?

AH. LOVE these fields. you should know. Just be aware. That I have a habit of sticking my arm out a window to take pictures... regardless of temperature. This is a product. These fields were so pretty.

I think this week will be some catch up on my blogging. "Stay Tuned"

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