Thursday, March 4, 2010

the itch.

I feel like I have not blogged in FOREVER. .. it's been a few days. It has been a pleasant few days.
If the breeze would just calm down a little it'd be WONDERFUL weather outside.
I'm sitting outside of the SLC before work. yuck. I'm really in this phase of I hate my job. Then I feel bad. Cause i'm really thankful that I even have one. And it's a pretty secure job at the moment. I just keep wanting something better to come along. I'm keeping my ears out...
I have a bug. An itch. For travel. If I had the funds I would be boarding a plane on friday for spring break. I am really looking forward to spring break. No doubt. Can't wait to see the Burruss' and McLendons. and Riverstonians. and hopefully somewhere in there Richmond Hill?
But at any given moment if presented with the opportunity... I would hop on a plane going anywhere. And figure out the rest when I get there.
I know. It's bad that I now know I can do that. I always knew it. But now i know that if i go to the air tran counter at the airport. With money. And ask for a plane ticket. I will get one.
and will be able to get on the plane and go...... I know. It's always on my mind. I guess I should be heading off to work soon...
I'm hopefully getting off early to go to Korean Drumming practice.
sorry i'm not sure why i reverted to my 3rd grade self. Except i'm not tricking you. I do have korean drumming practice.

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