Tuesday, March 2, 2010

9:31, 14 minutes till class is cancelled cause no professor.

I hate twitter. I got a "tweet" this morning saying SNOW! So in my semiconscious state I didn't run to my window to look for snow... I opened my computer to see if classes were cancelled. Ergh. No. So then I looked out my window to see it looked like nothing more than just a rainy day.
Walking to the bus stop I realized I forgot my rain Jacket... so I just prayed that it wouldn't be raining when I was walking home after work.
Snow is rain. Just colder. Rain is snow. Just melted. How are they so different then? Snow is exciting. Snow is moldable. Snow doesn't get annoying when it's falling. Walks in the snow are pleasant. Unless you're a lizard or something Snow melts when it sticks to you... so you get wet just like when it is raining. Snow seems lighter too. When it's raining I feel like I have to hunker down and trudge through it... when it's snowing... There's a pep in my step. What's the deal?!
(i guess i should make the disclaimer that I am in no way Pat Prokop, or the weatherman. depending on where you're from)
Night before last I didn't really sleep well. My sleeping habits have been going for a loop recently. I've been waking up at around 7 every morning. Without an alarm. I disapprove. I think i'm getting too much sleep. anyway so last night.... I could not stay awake. At all. I tried so hard. I was watching Ta Dona for my African Cinema class. All I can remember is this man stealing a baby. Then slapping a woman and throwing the baby at her, before riding off on his motorcycle.
The boy sitting in front of me is wearing cologne that makes my head hurt. I wonder if i politely asked if he could change his cologne if he would, probably not.

By the way: I'm Michaelangelo.

Party on dude!!! You tend to find the lighter things in life, and when you find the darker things in life, you make them brighter! When times are hard, people count on you to break the tension with your humour and positive attitude. Stress? What stress? You shrug things off when they try to get to you, but be careful! Too much fun can get you into trouble! Remember, there are times in life when even the clowns need to get serious. With your optimistic outlook on life, those tough times will seem a little easier. Always listen to your friends, even when you don't want to hear it. With patience, the problem will be resolved, and you can all sit back and enjoy a fresh, steaming pizza (with NO ANCHOVIES!).

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