Tuesday, May 25, 2010

International Relations

I'm an international relations major. It's interesting. Fascinating. How the world moves. My professors say that there is a set of ways that countries interact with each other. Historically as whole, it seems true. If you look closer at the patterns of behavior in certain areas there are times where the behavior of the states (countries) don't align with the pattern. They acted in a way that was irrational. For reasons that cannot be accounted for...
I believe that the world's history is shaped through prayer and fasting. That explains the deviant behavior, the actions of states that goes against the precedents set. When groups of people who are confident of their citizenship in heaven contend for something big. Something big that shapes history.
This is a unique time for International Relations. There is no precedent. The historical cycle of hegemonic power struggles is changing. Historically, a global power is on the rise.. it challenges the other power. Precedent shows the cycle of world power only having enough resources to hold on for a certain amount of time before the state becomes weakened and eventually loses the battle of greater security. No longer.
The introduction of new political structures are forcing the international system to adapt to the change. A major shift in the way the international system operates changes everything... Currently there is a possibility that there will no longer be a hegemonic wars (world wars). That the economies: through trade agreements, loans, ... the infrastructure of the world is becoming far more interdependent than in the past. This is significant. Very significant. World peace?
The battle is no longer over land and military security. It's over you.

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