Thursday, June 10, 2010


Greetings from Athens! I'm spending this summer in Athens, it's a bit different pace than last summer. That's for certain. Last summer was incredible. One that marked me.
This summer... is also a big one. For very different reasons. HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY! oh i completely just made that word up but TRUE! Last summer I decided I would blog about my summer because I felt it would be a good way to allow my close friends to see what I was learning and feeling and in some way they could learn and feel too... Last summer at the end... I was feeling relieved that my commitment to blogging was wrapping up. So that I could retreat and no longer be exposed to whoever stumbles in this direction... And then I had two random people have words for me about writing. And then I felt like I needed to continue writing. wow. This is like one of the longest commitments of my life. (sadly) but for real. Happy One year Blogiversary my readers! (WHOEVER you are.. no really ... you creepers never even comment so I have notta clue who you are. you should feel like you're sitting in a white 15 passenger van with no windows because you're being that shady right now!) ... so I'm glad you could be apart of my freedom for the thought... my rantings. I guess I hope this has edified you in some way... That you've not felt like our bloglationship has been just a big waste of time... hope it's been worth it!
My birthday is fast approaching. This weekend. Princess Day ;) (kelley, I hope you're reading!) This year will be a slight change of pace from last year... Last year was jesus culture. With you know... all my new best friends. And surprises from friends from school (chelsea you were incredible!)... This year I think will be a bit more laid back... more mellow. granola. my style. Farmer's market in the AM ? i say yes. chinese for dinner? I say yes. Who knows where the day will take us. Pictures involved. definitely. Don't you think birthday's are exciting? I do. Speaking of birthdays... Birthday shout out to Bert. maybe one day disney world will do the birthday deal again and we can hit the down with all of our Birthday Buddies. This blog just got strange.
shutting down.... now.

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Chelsea said...

This is absolutley my favorite blog entry you have ever written. I think you made up 5 new words and jumped from thought to thought quicker than ever before. All kinds of records were just set [props on the blog commitment btw]. I LOVE YOU and think about you a lot.