Wednesday, August 18, 2010

lack of focus take 1

Now that I have successfully put off writing a very short story about how I learned to do something, it's time to write a blog to further put off this simple assignment. Bravo, Amelia. I can see that school is going to be a great interest this year. Obviously.
This year will actually be filled with numerous locked doors. Me shutting the world out... to unwind my brain. I get a lot of rap for being dumb. A lot of inconsiderate people my whole life have talked down to me as if I were not smart enough to understand them. What they've never understood is that my brain is thinking about something far more complicated than what you're saying. What you don't know that has happened in the last 5 minutes is that a very large pest came into my room. crawling all along the wall. I ran out my room to tell chelsea to come get him. and he vanished. i'm now armed with a show to hurl when he comes back into my sight again. Take that you COCKROACH! disgusting.

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