Saturday, September 18, 2010

Opposition to Technology.

As much as I do love my mac, and as much as I participate in the watching of the television, and as much as I do use my phone... and even more so I'm on the twitter band wagon & the blog bandwagon. It's fantastic. Journal writing has always been hard, because it's always hard to write without an audience in mind. Blogs.... so much better. It's a journal (sort of... ) but it has a focus, a direction, there is in fact an audience (big or small). Anyway... as much as I use and participate in technology I'm anti it. Technology gives me such a headache... the sound of the tv being on... you know that high pitched noise? SO annoying. Computers too. I've found myself more and more irritated when I'm hanging out with someone and they are more concerned about who they are texting.
Perhaps I'm getting old. Or thinking more like an old person... but what's the value in spending time with people if they're always "spending time" texting them anyway. Why bother?
I at least support the touch screen phones if for no other reason then it makes texting a little less obtrusive. (I know the established purpose and benefits of texting have been that it's less obtrusive than a phone call... but the sound of txting is something i find more obtrusive than anything else).

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Bee Sarah Lee Bailey said...

haha. i feel the same way! one of my best friends is ALWAYS on her phone. so recently when ever i am with her and she is texting alot i just call some one until she gets the picture.