Monday, September 20, 2010

Skuse Me, 'ow you spehl dhat?

For all of my calendar oriented friends: Google calendars.
I think you'd like it. check it out. it seems like it has what you'd want of a calendar.
for me: It is a headache. I've spend the last hour of my life trying to figure out how i could put my payment schedule & hours worked in a convenient location. a calendar makes sense right?
except. it stressed me out. Along with the attempt at google calendars this month is the official i'm writing it all out not just vaguely looking at it... Budget. that's right. you can spell that....
R-E-S-P-O-N-S-I-B-L-E. (for those of you taking notes at home of course... )
by responsible... i mean. i attempted to use my nifty computer document... but computers seem confusing these days... so i just used the #1 College Student tool.... [dry erase marker board].. duh.
Maybe hanging it up on my wall will be a good reminder to Follow it? eh?
Maybe if i strategically hang my budget white board next to my world map I will be more inclined to follow it?
I'd also like to highly recommend the "hazelnut cream" five dolla candle from walmart. it fills the room... if you're into that kind of smell know what i'm talking about... and its SO good. how do candles do that? how do they give such a smell... i guess it's only "scented candles" you're average I use thee for light candles probably didn't have a scent to them. I appreciate the scented variety. And the unscented variety for that matter i like candlelight. Not in a romantic way... as in... the I'm old fashioned and don't use light bulbs way. mmmhm.
schedule for tomorrow:
boring lecture, followed by intimidating test, followed by a brief relaxation at home, followed by 7 hours at work, followed by a phone date.
life is busy.
(by the way i typically go to bed around 12:30-1... mmmhm. getting there.. i'm getting there... )

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