Monday, December 13, 2010

have you ever experienced life on your second pot of coffee for the day? ingenious ideas from college students...

quit being such a blog hog! alright so I'm not being a blog hog; i don't really even know what a blog hog is, but what I do know is that I would sincerely love being able to use the term "blog hog" regularly.
Know what time it is? FINALS TIME! chyeah yeah yeah yeah. hooooo hoooo hoooty hooot. (that's for you KB). ooh i like that nickname a ramalamma jamma. KB. yeah. i'm running with it.
I've ingested probably just below the legal limit for before you start experiencing heart palpitations of caffeine today. Accidentally. I just like to have warm coffee when it's study time, so i've maybe made two pots today. maybe.
I just became the lucky lottery winner of the 17 page notes & final materials via email from the wonderful Cody from work. Study time revitalized? FOR SURE!
this morning was a very merrry roommate christmas. Sorry i forgot to take pictures for that but it was 100% a blast. we all spent no more than 5 dollas. and tried to be resourceful, crafty, and thoughtful. (I think all parties involved would consider the event a success).
ALRIGHTY. back to my time line of Authoritarianism ---------- Totalitarianism & [----] represents everything in between... and yes. there definitely is an area of in between.
Dosvedanya! (i forgot to mention prior to this lottery winning moment. i was watching Anastasia ... putting me in the moving away from democracy mood... ya know. )

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