Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Merry Christmas, a few days late :)

Merry Christmas all of you lovely bloggers! Christmas is a crazy time in all of our lives. Everyone is trying to figure out the best gift for their friends and family. For me, Christmas day itself is so long. The perks of divorced parents are at it's best during this holiday season. (and it's worst). There's that recurring can't be in two places at once problem - you have to choose where you will wake up in the morning. You have to miss something. You want to spread yourself out pretty evenly but somewhere you have to miss out on something... Downfalls.
Pros: I've always in my whole (from the beginning of my memory) life I have had 3 christmases. I have one at my dad's house. One at my mom's house. And one with my mom's family. 3 Christmas "mornings" all day long!
I like the way my christmas is... I wouldn't change it for anything. Christmas in my head is synonymous with new project. I always try to find some new craft or hobby or project to begin during the holiday break. If possible these projects will be funded by my Christmas gifts...

[What is the Christmas 2010 craft you ask?]

#53. Learn to Sew.
taaaaaaaa da. I got my very own very first ever sewing machine this year for christmas. I wasn't really expecting it - at all really. But I love it. We're not really friends quite yet, but we're getting there. Our friendship will be official when I finish my first project! BAM.

by the way.. Mr. Dennen would like to know when the revolution is?
and I realize more and more everyday the incredible accuracy of my beloved personality descriptions. reason #542 why there is not an ounce of planning in me: making my class schedule every year takes me about 4 sit downs. Each sit down consisting of about 4 hours of mind boggling disaster. So this new years I say... Cheers to you Adviser! thanks for telling me I'm approved for classes because I'm a student rather than helping me plan a schedule. You're awesome.

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