Wednesday, February 16, 2011

13 years later

My initiative for humanitarian aid came to a peak when I was in 3rd grade and has been on a steady decline since. I have my first exam in Human Rights tomorrow. Funny, I wonder if Mrs. Ney would have ever thought that little ole bob hair cut Amelia would be taking a class in Human Rights in College. Can teachers see that far down the road for their students? I mean literally I guess they can't but surely they wonder what their students will be up to 13 years later. I wonder what my little sibs will be doing 13 years from now. I talked to my dad about this subject, because I was severely concerned that the best thing I've ever done in humanitarian aid took place when I was 8. Can't possibly? is it? When I was in 3rd grade I had heard the buzz around town or on the news that there were children in need of things in war torn Kosovo. My friend, I cannot for the life of me remember her name, couldn't stand knowing that there were little people our age who couldn't even go to school because of the conflict in Kosovo. Remember when you were rich if you had a few nickels back in 3rd grade? Change drives were all the rage at Marshpoint. We had coin drives for everything - puppies, drugs, red ribbon week, thanksgiving, you name it we had a drive for it. My friend and I made a meeting with Mrs. Kobbler (imagine the peach cobbler jokes that we told) to put a change jar in the front office. It was a hit, we had to upgrade to a bucket! After 2 weeks we counted our change and sat down with mrs. ney to mail off the money to whatever organization she thought was best suited for the cause. That reminds me of the spirit of children that I love so much. How children function on a daily basis with few inhibitions. To be an adult is to function with a regard for the future, foresight into anticipated consequences of one's actions. Children are much different their heart and their mind act as one. If they have no need for their jacket at a moment and you do, they'll share it with you. Not caring if they'll ever see it again.
I want to be more childlike.
I want to live with more initiative for my concerns.
If we didn't have mirrors would people still pluck/wax their eyebrows?

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