Friday, February 18, 2011


There it is. The best couch in the whole world. I'm inadvertently really good at testing out people's guest accommodations, and might I say that non college students have really got quite the set up. When someone comes to the old apartment I got a half a bed to offer them, or couch, or floor (of course depending on how many extras we took on for the night). The bed is mediocre at best, the couch is loud and awfulllll, and the floor... well is dangerous and cold. Not quite the most presentable things in the world. But houses, now they've got the stuff to offer. Many rooms. a warm floor. lots of space. goooooood couches. mmhm yeah. There it is. Ever since I first stayed the night here (what feels like a billion years ago in reality is only 1.5 years) I have slept on this couch. I've tried out lots of other sleeping arrangements in this house but my jam will always be snuggled up in this couch (even when birds have taken to nesting in the chimney). Hey couch, so glad we could be reunited this weekend :)

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